Effect: This mosaic is one of Solaris´personal favorite mosaics. It is simply beautiful and when she asked it what its energy was, she received the message that it provides us with the knowledge of the stars when we look at it or during meditation. In this way we become connected to our inner knowledge and get answers to the questions that are most important for our next steps.

The powerfull citrine in the center is considered the stone of abundance, prosperity, and optimism. Citrine is also seen as an uplifting stone and can help dispel negative energies. It is said to promote self-confidence and creativity, alleviate fears, and improve concentration.

Materials: Amazing exclusive and unique clear citrine,  black grouted gold and black crackle mosaic on wood, sourrounded by sparkling gold mirror triangles.
Size: 30cm
Weight: 1,5kg
Value: 1.177 €

i want it

Wake up to beauty and elegance

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