About Mosaic Art

Mosaic art is one of the oldest art forms in the world. As early as 400,000 years ago, our ancestors assembled non-local stones and bones in such a way that the first works of art were created.
Especially in the Roman Empire, in Greece and in the Orient, mosaics were widespread before and during antiquity. Many floors, but also walls in residential buildings of an upper social class and of course sacred buildings such as churches and temples were decorated with mosaics and are still decorated today.
In the 21st century, mosaics are enjoying a renaissance in Europe and adorn restaurants, hotels, bars, lounges, and wellness facilities in particular with their noble, timeless elegance.

Every Aurum Mosaic is elaborately handcrafted and unique. The materials used such as mother-of-pearl, gems, crystals, gold, mirrors, and agate are carefully selected and imported from all over the world. The high-quality materials make the mosaics very valuable. Some of the artworks are inspired by nature using unique and natural decorative elements with mixed materials.

We are always open to discussing any specific requirements regarding the colors, size, and selected materials of your bespoke mosaic.

About Solaris

Solaris used to work in marketing and graphic design for 20 years and has a sense for high-quality and effective design. Her exhibitions are extremely popular, and her designs can be found all over the globe. In magical places such as Madeira, Hawaii, Bali, Thailand, Switzerland, Germany and Ibiza to name a few.

Ibiza is Solaris’ muse, traveling to exotic countries her inspiration. Her roots are in Germany and she lives a varied nomadic lifestyle always focused on the bright and creative side of life. Easily described, Solaris means “The one who comes out of the sun.” And so it is that Solaris delights those around her with her bright and sunshiny nature. Her belief is that energy follows intention.

Solaris has a deep and intuitive awareness for energies and the power of different materials. It is her deepest passion to design mosaics by manifesting a high energetic vision through holistic interaction with the spirit of the selected materials. Music also plays a major role in this creative process.

“Mosaic art is my passion. When I close my eyes, I constantly see colors and shapes that I want to manifest immediately as a mosaic. The ideas come from the very bottom of my soul. It fulfills me deeply when my clients have tears of joy in their eyes when I hand over a unique Soul Mosaic.” *SOLARIS*

About Materials

It is widely known that Gemstones have powerful energies. That’s why they are used throughout the wellness industry in massage treatments for their healing powers or to recharge water with healing crystal energy.

You can also feel their effects by merely looking at them, touching them or by meditating with them.

Here are some examples of the effects of gemstones:

  • The Incas already knew that gold not only exerts incredible fascination but can also heal the soul. Gold strengthens the personality, gives vitality, and increases self-confidence.
  • A mosaic with rose quartz will heal your heart and help banish heartache
  • The clear quartz crystal is used to produce clarity in all areas of life.
  • Mother-of-pearl is not only noble, but also attracts true friends in life, abundance, and wealth.
  • The ruby supports sexuality, true love, and relationships.
  • The diamond is the symbol of indomitability, beauty, and power.

The base of all mosaics is made of a light wooden board. Due to the grouting process which takes place at the end, the stones are firmly and securely attached. All mosaics are supplied with a hook at the back to ensure safe and secure hanging to walls.

About Soul Mosaic

To design your bespoke „Soul Mosaic“ Solaris connects with your soul. She dives into your essence and can see colors and materials to make your soul visible. The result is a super unique mosaic, a part of your soul that becomes visible.

One of the effects is that this mosaic always brings you into harmony with your soul’s purpose when you look at it or during a meditation. With your own bespoke Soul Mosaic, you increasingly recognize the beauty and genius that lies within you. While looking at your Soul Mosaic, you keep deepening the connection to your  soul. This happens very easily and effortlessly.

Perhaps you are interested in creating your own Soul Mosaic in a mosaic course? Or would you like to book Solaris for a group workshop?

We do meditations that mystically establish access to your soul, so that unimagined, creative potentials are released. We help you to create your unique and individual Soul Mosaic just as Solaris has been doing for so many years. We will joyfully assemble every single stone into a glamorous mosaic and thus manifest the beauty of your soul into a wonderful piece of art that will continue to strengthen the connection to your soul for years to come.

Get your own masterpiece

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