Effect: This mosaic is extremely elegant and captivates with its noble radiance. The powerfull citrine in the center is considered the stone of abundance, prosperity, and optimism. Citrine is also seen as an uplifting stone and can help dispel negative energies. It is said to promote self-confidence and creativity, alleviate fears, and improve concentration.

Those who are sensitive can perceive the energy of the Elohim angels when looking at the mosaic or connecting with it. It is a particularly powerful, highly transformative energy. It also has a cleansing and harmonizing effect. A real eye-catcher and a must-have for anyone with good taste.

Materials: Powerfull citrin middle, extravagant gold decors, transparent crackle mosaic on acrylic painting, white grouted on wood, sourrounded by sparkling gold mirror triangles
Size: 50cm + 80cm halo
Weight: 4,5kg
Value: 4.777 €

i want it

Wake up to beauty and elegance

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