Effect: This extraordinary mosaic reminds us of the stardust belts of other planets. If you look at it longer, it even looks like a star gate. I’m curious to find out what experiences you have with this in meditation. It reminds me that we are much more than just humans in a body. We carry the wisdom of the entire cosmos within us. The mosaic wants to say, remember and come back in your true power.

Rose quartz is known to have a healing effect on the heart. It heals all old pain and restores a heart full of lightness and playfulness. This is how your life can be supported by love and attract the right partners or the right friends into your life.

The clear quartz crystal provides clarity, cleansing and purity. It helps you make the right decisions and bring or maintain order in your life.
The delicate mother-of-pearl sextants shimmer in rainbow colors in the sun, which is good for the soul and ensures emotional balance. Mother of pearl also protects you and provides security.


Materials: Mother of pearl, super powerful rose quartz pyramid middle, amazing mountain crystals, glass mosaic tiles, pink & silver pyramid mirrors, Sahara sand grouted on wood.
Size: 70cm
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Wake up to beauty and elegance

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