About: The Nebra Sky Disk shows the world’s oldest known concrete representation of the cosmos and is a unique testimony to human history. It is one of the most famous archaeological finds in Germany. The original disc is 3,600 years old, a round bronze disc and shows the sun – depending on the interpretation, also the full moon – a crescent moon and a total of 32 golden stars. Seven of them are close together and are interpreted as the constellation of the Pleiades. On the edge of the sky disk there are so-called horizon arches that were added at a later date, as well as a depiction of a ship, which is interpreted as a „sun barge“ as a mythical element on the bronze disk. Later the edge of the sky disk was perforated. One of the horizon arches was removed or lost.

Designs: The Sky Disc is designed in 2 different stones and is available in 30 cm and in 50cm so far. Also bigger size is possible.

Materials: green and gold glass mosaic stones, gold glas decors, golden mirrors, white grouted on wood.
Size: 50cm
Weight: 3,5kg
Value: 2.777€

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