Effect: Re is the ancient Egyptian sun god. This means that the sun itself is a god. He can be described as probably the most important ancient Egyptian god until the later periods, as he enabled life on earth and allowed it to continue through the action of his power (the sun). Its name simply means “sun” in Egyptian. The emphasized veneration of the sun as a sun cult also took place in the royal pyramids as they were also sun sanctuaries not just graves.

Rose quartz is known to have a healing effect on the heart. It heals all old pain and restores a heart full of lightness and playfulness. This is how your life can be supported by love and attract the right partners or the right friends into your life.

This mosaic has an enormous power. It synchronizes you with your creative power, helps you manifest your dreams and heals your heart through the energy of rose quartz.

Materials: Beautiful rose quartz pyramid, rosé and shimmering colorful decor glas mosaics, white grouted on wood.
Size: 30cm
Weight: 1,5kg
Value: 777 €

i want it

Wake up to beauty and elegance

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