Effect: The delicate mother-of-pearl sextants shimmer in rainbow colors in the sun, which is good for the soul and ensures emotional balance. Mother of pearl also protects you and provides security. It helps you achieve prosperity and wealth and helps you find the right friends.

The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol of sacred geometry and is a symbol of infinity and perfect harmony. It is a graphic representation of the perfection of being. We can find it for example in many plants, vegetables and snail shells.

And so the energy of this mosaic brings you totally into harmony and balance and in unity with your divine blueprint.

Material: high exclusive mother of pearl sextants, shining magenta neon acrylic color, flower of life middle out of white shell, glittering rhinestones, with 3D effect through another wood circle on top.
Size: 70cm
Weight: 5 kg
Value: 4.777 €

i want it

Wake up to beauty and elegance

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