Effect: This Mosaics reminds us of the beauty of the ocean and a  deep relaxing time on a beautiful lagoon.

Labradorite inspires the imagination with its variety of colors, increases creativity and improves memory. It also strengthens intuition and promotes a reasonable sense of reality. Furthermore, Labradorite helps to intensify one’s own feelings and illustrates one’s own goals and intentions. 

The delicate mother-of-pearl sextants shimmer in rainbow colors in the sun, which is good for the soul and ensures emotional balance. Mother of pearl also protects you and provides security.

Materials: Mystical shimmering big Labradorite, mother of pearl stones and sextants, blue mirrors, white grouted on wood.
Size: 50cm, Halo 77 cm
Weight: 4kg
Value: 2.777 €m with Halo 3.277€

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Wake up to beauty and elegance

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