Effect: This mosaic was made at the Ocean of Ibiza. It carries the energy of the famous mystical goddess Tanit of Ibiza. She is a moon goddess and protector of Ibiza, dedicated to love, fertility, creativity and dance.

The delicate mother-of-pearl stones shimmer in rainbow colors in the sun, which is good for the soul and ensures emotional balance. Mother of pearl also protects you and provides security.

Even in ancient Rome, wealthy citizens knew that the enormous energy from the agate would bring them power and wealth. But not only that, the agate will also bring you unprecedented happiness.

Materials: Very unique agate middle, mother of pearl,  blue mirrors, shiny blue glas decor stones, Sahara sand grouted on wood.
Size: 30cm
Weight: 1,5 kg
Value: 777 €

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Wake up to beauty and elegance

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