Effect: Oh wow what a beauty! You just have to fall in love with this mosaic when you look at itAnd so your guests will also be delighted when they enter your rooms, because this mosaic is a real eye-catcher. It sparkles, it´s radiating and it´s absolutely timeless and exclusive.

Even in ancient Rome, wealthy citizens knew that the enormous energy from the agate would bring them power and wealth. But not only that, the agate will also bring you unprecedented happiness.

This mosaic will help you to see the beauty in life every day and to focus on the positive, even when life is not always easy.

Materials: Very impressive agate stone with a sparkling middle with raw crystals  (27 x 19,5 cm), exclusive gold decors with floral design, blue-gold -matt-gold and gold-mirror and blue mirror glas mosaic stones, grouted with Sahara sand color on wood, surrounded by sparkling gold mirror triangles.
Size: 70cm
Weight: 7,5 kg
Value: 4.777 €

i want it

Wake up to beauty and elegance

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